Episode 2 – Geolocation and social networks: time to check out?

Geolocation-based social networks like Foursquare, Gowalla and Facebook Places are constantly referenced as the next big thing for social media, but how social or useful are they really? Dan’s close checking into the corner to lose his Foursquare religion, while Kat says: who cares? Foursquare is NOT where it’s at – services like Google Latitude or StickyBits are far more exciting and applicable to the real world.

We also discuss what’s bugging Bon Jovi about Steve Jobs; funny one-joke Tumblrs and Warner streaming movies on Facebook. And we catch up on the Twitter antics (sponsored or otherwise) of Charlie Sheen and consider the holier-than-thou attitude faced by TwitRelief (Comic Relief’s take on the TwitChange style celebrity follower auctions for charity).

Just press play:http://hw.libsyn.com/p/5/2/c/52cd4a7dbaad00ac/offthewallpost_ep2_podcast_march28.mp3?sid=3683fbc550a4be568165b79a1fc9a0a4&l_sid=30574&l_eid=&l_mid=2494547
This week’s wanky words were provided by @ishbel_haf:
Punching above your weight
Front-end evaluate
Participatory end-user validation

And Scrobble (as used by Kat in episode 1)

Send your latest new media wanky words in for us to name, maim and shame via Twitter – @offthewallpost

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For more Google Latitude info watch this video:

(Please note: we’re making this up as we go along and this podcast or any surrounding Off The Wall Post content does not represent the views of our various employers.)

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3 Responses to Episode 2 – Geolocation and social networks: time to check out?

  1. Another great episode! Geolocation = creepy and perfect for stalkers; not sure I’ll ever feel comfortable with someone knowing where I am at all times. Though it’s great to catch cheating spouses!

  2. Dear Off The Wall Post,

    The other day I found a place on Foursquare that claimed to be someone’s bed. He was the mayor of his bed. And the only tip, left by a girl, was about that someone stealing all the covers.

    I really want to check in to his ‘bed’. In fact, I want to become mayor. And I want to leave tips. Tips like “remember to open the window for at least an hour every day (because of the smell)”, “no place like home” and “the softest sheets”.

    Should I do this? What tips would you leave? Have you ever intentionally checked in to a place you shouldn’t?

    David (@shrinkwrapped)

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