Episode 3 – Living in Color

Main topics of the podcast this week are Facebook status update anxiety in teens; Facebook Questions bringing us very few answers to our real social needs; and a live trial of the latest photo-sharing app – Color.

Just press play:http://hw.libsyn.com/p/8/3/b/83bdcbd323d7a45f/01-Podcast_ep3_March-consolidated-110411_2040.mp3?sid=f2f527c3e062f38fafc7c14734d4ab50&l_sid=30574&l_eid=&l_mid=2523126

The smart phone app Color has caused quite a stir in tech and social media circles – mainly because of its massive funding and seemingly underwhelming launch. Certainly some commentators, like Robert Scoble, have given it a royal beating for its flaws.

So, armed with two HTC Android phones and an iPhone, Dan, Kat and Barry fired up the app and took it for a test drive. The results were… curious.

We discovered that the images you take can be shared via Twitter, Facebook etc. and link out to a web collection of your images, curated by hours. The result of our 20 minutes faffing around with the Color app can be seen on Color’s site.

Off the wall post in Color test

Off The Wall Post living in Color

Off The Wall Post COLOR test images

'Hi Lloydie - ASL?' (It all makes sense if you listen... Kind of.)

As can the photos of and by Lloydie, who somehow ended up in our Color vicinity, so we saw his pics and we were able to tweet them out too!

It was a fairly chaotic attempt to get to grips with this entirely unintuitive app. We came to the conclusion that there was definitely something cool about it; the automatic curation of images by geo-location and time has a lot of potential for certain events. But there was a lot of frustration as you can hear from the jump cuts of anguish and confusion on the podcast.

So, what do you think? Have you tried Color? (Trust us – if you do – don’t try it alone. It won’t make a bean of sense!) Let us know if you’ve used it, and what you’d like to use it for.

Wanky Words this week are job titles it seems:

Guru (from @jemima_knight)

Ninja / Jedi (from @hemmysphere)

Evangelist (from Ian Ravenscroft via the Facebook page)
Send us you wanky words to @offthewallpost or on our Facebook page. You can read more and tell us what you think on our site.

Links we promise in the podcast:

FOMO and Social Media (The fear of missing out)
The Era of Conspicuous Web Consumption
Scoble’s rant against Color’s wide release

Path mobile app

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All this and a trip to the 1930s archive to introduce Barry to a special animal song dear to Kat’s heart.

The Gnu Song by Flanders & Swann:

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2 Responses to Episode 3 – Living in Color

  1. Another thoroughly enjoyable episode! I had not heard of the ‘Color’ app, so I plan on trying it today on my iPhone (though I’m visiting family in a pretty rural area, so I might not have much luck). As for FB I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with it. There are times when I love being able to see what my family/friends are doing and interact with them. On the other hand I hate how sometimes people will contact you just to see “what” you’re up to so they can compare lives, will friend you just because you have “friends” in common, or will comment on something they have no business commenting on (such as a conversation you’re having w/ someone else). As you can see I have a complex relationship w/ FB and don’t see that changing as they add more and more crazy features I’ll never use! Don’t get me started on “Groups” and how people can just add you w/out your knowledge!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Erin!

    Rural and Color don’t sound like best bedfellows, it has to be said! Although, who knows? There could be pockets of clued-up, smartphone-using, app-toting technophiles roaming the mountains and plateaus; all collaboratively aggregating visual tableaus…


    Sounds like you fall into the Kat camp for Facebook. It’s an interesting platform. I think its strength (and so its weakness) lies in its diversity of interests and features. That’s why it has something that appeals to so many. I find it fascinating, but then again, I can see that the profusion of additions, tweaks and ungainly tools would be just plain annoying for anyone just wanting to use the service they originally signed up for and enjoy using.

    You can’t please 600M people all of the time… 😉 (I can feel Kat’s glare across cyberspace!)


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