Episode 4 – A golden age of novelty without commitment

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Google +1

Kat, Dan and Barry discuss Google +1, the search giant’s latest attempt to add a social edge to their game; will it work, or is it another ill-thought folly doomed to failure? Dan brings some hard numbers to bear on Twitter’s user stats; Barry recounts a bizarre tale of mobile apps and free beer, then freaks out with Kat over That Can Be My Next Tweet‘s apparent mindreading powers.

Just press play:http://hw.libsyn.com/p/9/8/f/98f0b867a1d6d701/offthewallpost_ep4_250411.mp3?sid=6e48e96bfc1f82103d54553c58ee061c&l_sid=30574&l_eid=&l_mid=2547543

New feature: Dead Social Media Accounts Society!



Through the course of the podcast we discovered that both Kat and Dan have a habit of setting up half-arsed social media accounts on a whim, then leaving them to rot: unloved and alone. Kat’s confessed account can be found on Twitter – @tutting; an example of Dan’s fondness for novelty without commitment is also available on full, shameful view – @12secondschef

Please use this as a chance to share your neglected moments of inspiration from the golden age of novelty without commitment and clear out your social media soul!

Wanky Words

This week we received a glorious collection of inglorious wanky words to make your skin crawl and your conscience weep:

Insightgeist – from @DrJackLomax

Ideation – from @ravonski

‘You should be looking to leverage your media offering’ – from @wesayso

The horror... the... horror

The synergy... the... synergy

‘I’ll listen in if you’re properly leveraging your operation synergies to deliver a multi-platform user-engagement ecosystem…’ – from @andyhawkes

A million thanks for those horrors; you should all be proud and ashamed of yourselves in equal measure! Keep them coming! Share your wanky words in the comments here or via @offthewallpost or on Facebook.com/offthewallpost

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8 Responses to Episode 4 – A golden age of novelty without commitment

  1. Dead Social Media Accounts – here’s one I just happened across (not made by me):


    And here’s one of mine:

    It’s About Time This Happened

  2. The Tweeting Clock is *such* a poor idea I can only applaud its awfulness. This person wanted to get 100,000 followers – for no reason other than to tweet them the time – at seemingly random intervals! And they lasted doing this for exactly one day in February 2009. Awesome Dead Social Media.

    Your own Tumblr can’t really hit those heady heights, shrinkwrapped – but a valiant effort πŸ™‚ We can clearly see the idea, the fun to be had, and the overbearing effort that so grossly outweighed the whimsy… Perfect Dead Social Media. The last image is the best – it adds a poignant mystery; as if Hitler toast was a zenith (or a nadir) that somewhere inside you felt you knew you’d never be able to top.

    Brilliant! True members of the Dead Social Media Society.

  3. Another highly enjoyable episode! I don’t have any social media accounts (aside from MySpace) that I’ve abandoned. I did make a Buffy the Vampire Slayer website and have since abandoned it and can no longer remember it’s name, LOL.

    What you said about people making twitter accounts and not tweeting reminded me of a friend of mine. She has a twitter account so she can follow her favorite celebs and personalities, but doesn’t tweet or have any followers herself. So even though she’s not an active participant, she’s still an audience for brands (people included). Those figures were really interesting when you start thinking about how valid they are, and how to actually use them in marketing.

    I wonder if a company had to choose only one social media outlet to utilize which would be the most successful? Although I guess it depends on their target audience really.

    Anyways can’t wait for the next episode!
    – Erin

  4. Hi Erin – thanks for the comment and kind words πŸ™‚

    It’s interesting what you say about your friend who is purely using Twitter as a content consumption platform (ie she doesn’t tweet / broadcast herself on it). I can readily imaging that there are loads of people out there doing just the same. Indeed – look at Twitter’s latest homepage pre-log in – it’s advertising itself as far less of a broadcast tool, far more as a place to search for / follow updates from others. I’m planning to blog about this (maybe even mention it in the next ep) – my wondering whether Twitter reckons its pretty much hit ‘peak creativity’ and now rests upon observers and casual users as its growing user base moving forward… I don’t know. Just a thought.

    My other thought about your followerless, reader friend – has she really acquired no followers? Not even a few casual spam accounts. Harmless enough as followers, but I’d have thought, like Tom was to MySpace, so spam / marketing accounts are to Twitter. That’s why, I guess, the absence of any followers on an account makes me wonder what the hell’s going on there.

    Likewise – how many people does your friend follow? If the other way this works is indeed to just use Twitter to follow – that would suggest these passive Twitter readers should still be following people, no? So figuring in the 32M accounts following more than 8 people, or better the 12 million following 64+ people…

    Maybe not. Maybe for many Bieber, GaGa and Stephen Fry are enough… πŸ˜‰ But my point then stands that these aren’t really people that can be included in stats around Twitter’s great 140 character conversation network.

    Just my (Dan’s) thought for the day. I’m sure Kat and Barry are wishing I’d shut up about it!

    In the meantime – find your Buffy site and let us add it to the glorious roll call of The Dead Social Media Society!


  5. Dan,

    Re: My friend, she follows 17 people on Twitter, has no followers and has a locked account. I wonder how many people are out there who do the same thing? I was told the other day by my cousin “I hate to tell you this Erin, but I don’t like twitter”; then he proceeds to use it to advertise his blog. Personally, I think his dislike of twitter steams from the fact I not only have more followers, but talk to more people on it than he does, he’s pretty competitive. That’s a whole other side of social media networks though, the playground like “I have more friends than you” attitude.

    I have a feeling that Twitter has peaked as a social media, and I wonder what the next big craze will be. I’m sure it won’t be iTune’s Ping, because that’s the most ridiculous and useless social media network out there. How many (active) users does it have? Linked In can be useful, but has an air of professionalism that does fit with people posting their drunken party pictures. Facebook will probably come up with a twitter like feature in its bid to take over the world.

    Still looking for my old BtVS website, I know it was an old GeoCities account but that has since been shut down. It’s not lost, just misplaced!

    Hope you had a great weekend,
    – Erin

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