Episode 7 – Strictly Come Timedancing (ft. Arivind Abraham and Ali Maggs of Chaos Created)

TimeDancer cast from http://timedancercorp.com


A bumper edition of Off The Wall Post was joined by Arivind Abraham and Ali Maggs of Chaos Created – an innovative UK start-up creating transmedia stories and interactive narratives. Their latest project – TimeDancer – weaves a time travelling mystery across app-isodes on Windows Mobile Phones and we delve into the challenges and charms of building an interactive video for mobile. Arivind and Ali share the history of TimeDancer, the present of Working with Windows Mobile and spill the beans on just how difficult it is to develop apps for iPads and how easy it is to get on the wrong side of Steve Jobs.

Just press play:http://hw.libsyn.com/p/7/e/9/7e9f5a249c028271/Off_The_Wall_Post_ep7_31_May_2011.mp3?sid=b2ae2d9d985f0f1b06f585e3de09ce28&l_sid=30574&l_eid=&l_mid=2600521

Download the MP3 version here (right click, save target as). You can also listen / subscribe to the Off The Wall Post via iTunes.

We spent some time looking at the TimeDancer app with Arivind and Ali, but the audio doesn’t do it justice on the podcast. Hopefully our discussions and descriptions will give you a sense of the ambition of TimeDancer. And the Chaos Created promo for TimeDancer shows you more:

Also on this week’s podcast:

Kat brings location based services back into the light with Place Whisper, and we discuss benches that tweet, QR codes on graves, FearSquare and Feckr.

Barry breaks his Kindle on holiday, but eulogises its passing by disclosing its best kept secret – you can browse the web anywhere for free with a Kindle!

And Dan contrasts novel new crowd-funding site Unbound with Kickstarter – and finds Unbound still comes with a few too many strings attached.

Wanky Words this week are ‘Gamefication’ and ‘In the Wild’.

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Episode 7 recorded 31 May 2011. Explore full links for this episode on Delicious.

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