Hell is other circles

Number 10

Off The Wall Post hits double figures and kicks off remedying some of the skewiff guesses we made about Google+ in the last episode. We’ve been in it (to win it) for a couple of weeks now; Kat, Barry and Dan give their more informed opinion on the biggest thing to hit social media in years.

Just press play:http://hw.libsyn.com/p/4/9/1/491ef17935e2eacb/Off_The_Wall_Post_ep10_July_17_2011.mp3?sid=4831fd8c063eddff8a28d65604dfeb1e&l_sid=30574&l_eid=&l_mid=2656707

Download the MP3 version here (right click, save target as). You can also listen / subscribe to the Off The Wall Post via iTunes.

We also share our thoughts on Facebook’s chat upgrade with Skype videothe Guardian’s fantastic Twitter timeline visualisation of the unfolding News of the World #notw scandal (and other great realtime media visualisations like The Archers, Backchannel for The Hills and HBO Pulse aka HBO Connect). Kat also opens our eyes to Berg’s rather wonderful Shuu.sh Twitter noise-filter.

Off The Wall Post Ep10 July 14 2011

Wanky words this week:

Sunsetting / Sunsat – used in the podcast by Dan himself – for shame!

‘Web Therapist’ from Andrew Barron (on our Facebook Page)

Platformize from @shrinkwrapped

Dual-screening from Kat

Don’t forget to share your wanky words with us on Twitter (@offthewallpost), on Facebook.com/offthewallpost or in the comments below. AND for next week’s special episode, tell us your tales of modern digital etiquette angst – the agony aunts will put it all straight in episode 11, coming soon.

Episode 10 recorded 14 July 2011. Explore full links for this episode on Delicious.

(Main image Number 10 by Yoppy used under CC licence from Flickr)

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