Upsetiquette and social media angst – a problem shared is a problem podcast

worried square

Episode 11 is a special edition covering a multitude of social media etiquette issues brought to us by followers of the podcast. Off The Wall Post invited the listeners to share their worries and woes around social media and Kat, Dan and Barry set to analysing and exorcising those digital demons – or, as is more likely the case, just added their own insecurities to the ever-growing pile!

Just press play:

Download the MP3 version here (right click, save target as). You can also listen / subscribe to the Off The Wall Post via iTunes.

Huge thanks to all those who contributed their social media angst:

@shrinkwrapped – the original comment that sparked this podcast – should you check into a stranger’s bed on Foursquare?

@erinflorence – emoticon fatigue

@_llamaface – facebook over-sharing

@caspar01 – Facebook relationship status update awkwardness and Twitter introductions in real life

@duncanbloor – unfollowing politely

@fizzex – follow / follow-back

@arivindabraham – unmentionable acts while skyping

And special thanks to Electric Pig for their post: 27 signs you’re a dick on Twitter.

Send us more social media angst via @offthewallpost / /

Image attribution – Worried Square by Cathredfern from Flickr

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2 Responses to Upsetiquette and social media angst – a problem shared is a problem podcast

  1. I love the worried square! Dan, you rock.

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