Telling stories and listening to 2-screen audiences (ft. Matt Locke – Storythings)

TV Turnoff Week

Episode 12: Off The Wall Post are joined by multiplatform storytelling master, Matt Locke – head of Storythings and driving force behind one of digital media’s favourite conferences The Story.

Taking full advantage of Matt’s decade of online experience with BBC Online, Channel Four Education and Channel Four Multiplatform, as well as his unique insights into developing relationships between storytellers, narratives and audiences, Dan and Kat found out what itches his Story Conference scratches, how Comedy writer Graham Linehan (Father Ted, The IT Crowd) engages with online communities such as Twitter, and how Richard Curtis walked the streets of London looking for Blackadder ratings.

We discuss the emerging audience insights that Twitter brings, how content strategy is developing around realtime feedback and trends, and analyse attention shapes from C19th to today.

Barry’s away (at least that’s the story we stick to for most of the podcast!), so Kat and Dan do their best to entertain. Dan offers to show that image manipulation and a sense of humour can bring light to even the darkest hours, while Kat eschews traditional search engines to find human-sourced results to bookshop brainfreezes with What Was That Book?

Wanky Words:

Storification – Matt Locke’s pick
Learnification – @ZoeEBreen
Digital oxytocin – @vtri
Catflap edge-case – @fohoboo
Twinterview – @article_dan who should be ashamed of himself for saying it last podcast!

Huge thanks again to Matt Locke. For more information about Matt’s work visit or follow @storythings on Twitter. You can find out more about previous Story events via The Story website.

Don’t forget to share your wanky words with us on Twitter (@offthewallpost), or in the comments below.

Episode 12 recorded 11 August 2011. Explore full links for this episode on Delicious.

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