There goes the Wikihood (plus Matt Locke on TV genres and social media)

Matt Locke and the social media future for TV genres going ‘live’, Blink 182 crowdscraping, Wikihood, Photovine, datatainment and beyond.

Faces in the wall (Dan Biddle instagram)

Barry Pilling returns to find not only did we treat last week’s guest, Storythings‘ Matt Locke, to Pringles and biscuits, we also saved up extra material to add to this week’s podcast. This second part of Matt Locke‘s conversation with Dan and Kat works through the issues facing TV productions across a selection of genres: drama, comedy, factual entertainment, in the light of the increasingly interactive, communicative and highly visible audience. All about attention, claptraps and narrative design; practical examples include Misfits, Million Pound Drop and Seven Days.

Kat introduces Wikihood – a fantastic iphone app mashing wikipedia with google maps and location data, to contextualise a users’ surroundings with knowledge beyond that of a FourSquare tip about Starbucks lattes.

Barry discusses Blink 182’s awesome user-generated and ripped video created by the band from clips taken from YouTube videos that used their songs illegally. A whole lotta fun and respect for all concerned.

Entirely awesome, be you a Blink 182 fan or not. Especially for Ricky Ficarelli, the drumming vlogger who got a feature and award in the video awards:

Dan highlights Google’s new photosharing app for the iPhone – Photovine. A little bit Instagram, a little bit Flickr, all good. Though why Google launched it without an Android version is anyone’s guess…

Wanky Words

Datatainment – @Richardayers (via the excellent blog post ‘Data? Entertainment? You need Datatainment on

Storyworlds – @ZoeEBreen

Reboot (a brand or series) – @nevali

Padcasting – @dogwinters

Eventuate – @shrinkwrapped

Extra fun

I mention Star Wars Uncut in the podcast. A wonderful crowdsourcing / collaborative project to recreate Star Wars (A New Hope) in 15 second chunks… Batty and brilliant:

Huge thanks again to Matt Locke – especially for the Off The Wall Post mention on the Storythings blog. For more information about Matt’s work visit or follow @storythings on Twitter. You can find out more about previous Story events via The Story website.

Don’t forget to share your wanky words with us on Twitter (@offthewallpost), or in the comments below.

Episode 13 recorded 23 August 2011. Explore full links for this episode on Delicious.

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