Facebook Ads, Google+ Hangouts and a Takeaway Revolution

Golf Sale Man #3

What happened when Off The Wall Post took out a Facebook ad? Kat, Barry and Dan muse upon Facebook’s page advertising: the targeting. the cost and the effectiveness. And in the process of wondering about the engagement levels, possibly insult everybody who’s liked us recently!

We love you really! If you have liked the Off The Wall Post Facebook page recently please hit the wall and say hello. Tell us about yourself, or the best thing on the internet, or your latest, favouritest mobile app, or best of all a wanky word we wish we could erase from new media jargon forever. Barry promises a shout-out in the next podcast for everyone who leaves a comment – now how can you possibly resist that?

Other web wonders from the team are Barry’s respect for Google+ hangouts being enhanced for the benefit of sign-language users.

[youtube: http://youtu.be/Va5MeTnpI7c]

Kat introduces Housebites – takeaway food re-invented, which leaves us hungry, but sceptical about the sustainability of the business.

[youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCPdqP0YyJg]

Kat also highlights BERG’s neat Transport for London bus countdown data scrape that puts live bus times on your phone or tablet.

Wanky Words

Tweetching – @hemmysphere

Twibbon – Dan Biddle (for SHAME!)

3x (“3 ecks”) – @vtri / @andrewjskatz

Webinar – Roo Reynolds (from our Facebook Page)

Don’t forget to share your wanky words with us on Twitter (@offthewallpost), onFacebook.com/offthewallpost or in the comments below.

Episode 14 recorded 14 September 2011. Explore full links for this episode on Delicious.

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