Mashup breakdowns, mind-blowing Facebook photo stats and forgetting how to remember

Mashup Breakdown screenshot

The anatomy of a mashup

What’s better than an awesome music mash-up? How about an awesome music mash-up breakdown that you can watch unfold in front of you while it rocks your world! Kat, Dan and Barry break out the smoking hot tunes of Girl Talk and Daft Punk to marvel at the visualisations of mash-ups online.

How many photographs are on Facebook? A shitload according to the 1000memories blog that claims 4% of all photographs EVER TAKEN are hosted on Facebook! Dan brings these incredible stats and how digital photography and video means his children are living a paparazzi’d life of self-referenced action.

More stats arrive as Barry returns to Google+ which, after initial success, has reportedly shed 60% of its users. We consider Google’s social platform’s failure to capture our or many other people’s attention. Even Kat’s losing the love for Google+ – a negative feeling shared by Google employee Stephen Yegge (from a private comment made on Google+ subsequently shared publicly!).

Wanky Words

Dogfooding – @ZoeEBreen

Astroturfing – Barry’s own gift from working in a wanky industry

Salami slicing – @duncanbloor

Appify – @ZoeEBreen

Skillify – @jordit

Videos and other links mentioned:

RIP – a Remix Manifesto (the remix copyleft movie Dan mentions)

Girl Talk

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Episode 16 recorded 13 October 2011. Explore full links for this episode on Delicious.

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One Response to Mashup breakdowns, mind-blowing Facebook photo stats and forgetting how to remember

  1. Andy Piper says:

    Hello lovely people. Completely and totally adore the podcast.
    On the subject of Google+ though – please stop portraying it as an anodyne barren wasteland bereft of interest, fun, or value. It’s not going away, and it’s actually very cool, in my opinion (no I don’t work for them). So… There! 🙂

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