Concerning Commuting, The Art of War and the genius of Humblebrag (ft. Brendan Nelson, Digital Strategist and blogger)

Monday, April 20, 2009

image by miyukimouse on flickr

How do you get a seat on a crowded commuter train? How do you get your blog posts to go viral? Turns out the two questions have the same answer…! Digital Strategist and blogger Brendan Nelson joins Off The Wall Post to discuss the modern warfare that is getting a seat on the train and the strange experience of a blog post about commuting propelling him into the news headlines, radio spots and ethical battles with The Daily Mail. Not to mention the curiously silent ruckus to be found in the Google Analytics of Fame.

Just press play:

Download the MP3 version here (right click, save target as). You can also listen / subscribe to the Off The Wall Post via iTunes.

During the discussion we also mentioned Google Ripples, a new links and sharing visualiser for Google+.  It’s pretty niche, but the article link there gives a good idea of the product. Far better than Google’s own attempt at explaining Ripples.

Also on this week’s podcast Kat offers a web tip to avoid those embarrassingly out of date link tweets – Is It Old?

Barry blows our ears and minds with a quiz – yes a quiz! – using a series of mnemonic ditties from tech history. And Dan brings Twitter gem HumbleBrag to the table to enrich your Twitterstream and point the finger at disingenuous celebrity humility.

All this and some of the wankiest words you’ll (hopefully) hear all year:

Screenagers – @Thomhoffman

Brandividuals – @vtri (via @neilwd)

Succailure – @Rooreynolds

Coolmercial – @peopleIknow

halfalogue – @deeharvey

Braindump – @josephcoulson

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