Looking into Zeebox and finding frictionless kittens

Desperate Housewives on Zeebox iPad screengrab

Desperate Housewives on Zeebox

Dual Screen iPad and web app Zeebox is fresh off the production line and causing a split-attention stir among TV producers, multiplatformers (not to mention Wanky Wordsaugmentainment anyone?). Dan’s got himself an iPad and has been watching along to the branded TV special E4’s Desperate Scousewives. Is this the future of social television, does it tick the 2Screen boxes discussed with Matt Locke a few eps ago, or is it simply the end of civilisation as we know it…?

Just press play:

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Written? Kitten!

Barry makes the case against Frictionless Sharing with products like Spotify and The Guardian on Facebook; Kat brings brand-spanking new music-sharing network This Is My Jam to the table AND the ultimate cuddly online productivity writing tool Written? Kitten! Which is 100% lighter touch to Dan’s remembered app: Write or Die.

Wanky Words

Twadvent Calendar – @GemmaBrady18

Thinkpiece / Bathtub curve – @ZoeEBreen

Ideation – a return kicking by demand of @AndyPiper, @quirkybean and @valeriemeachum

Deck (a powerpoint presentation) – Dan

Washup – @R4isStatic

Cloudify – @Jordit

Legacy Proof – Kabir Jutla

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