The Television is the Second Screen (ft. Mark Sorrell, Head of Games, Screenpop)



The latest news that Sky has bought into Zeebox is further evidence that television and digital media have been obsessing over two screen (#2screen) synergies for ages now. The Sky Zeebox social TV app buy-in, is all part of TV’s developing strategies to meet audience attention and behaviour in a world where they have laptops, mobiles and tablets open on their laps offering alternative, social media treats to detract (or complement) the traditional content of the first screen Television. But Screenpop’s Head of Games and blogger, Mark Sorrell, has a different take on this – that the Television is the second screen in this relationship and that the primary focus of audiences is on those other screens – they just happen to have the Telly on at the same time. We discuss the hope and hype of social TV and the emerging ‘augmentainment‘ platforms like Zeebox and its API opportunities.

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Other things discussed this episode are Louis CK’s live recording download experiment (and success); the number of iPads and tablets activated over Christmas 2011; and the rights and wrongs of Google’s decision to remove MG Siegler’s ‘offensive’ profile picture from Google+.

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Wanky Words (both provided by Mark Sorrell):


Clarion the hero message

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3 Responses to The Television is the Second Screen (ft. Mark Sorrell, Head of Games, Screenpop)

  1. Jason Mitchell says:

    Great podcast! Mark Sorrell his usual provocative self.

    • Thanks for listening and the comment., Jason Mark was excellent. We knew he’d have something interesting to say about 2screen ans social media from his blog – and he delivered. Most timely with the SKY / Zeebox partnership announced just a few days later. Watching that develop will be very interesting…

  2. Fantastic podcast – well done guys! Entertaining and informative!

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