Social Lives, Social Deaths and the Stats of Social Gaming

Cyberknight ep22 doodle

Cyberknight - ep22 doodle won by @biddlebong

There’s a phenomenal amount of time (and money) spent on Social Gaming (Farmville, Cityville, Words With Friends etc.) and Off The Wall Post digs into the stats provided by Who Are Social Gamers to discover that only two things in this life are certain: death and Barry’s insatiable desire to create a quiz out of an infographic.

Just press play:

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Talking of death – Dan discusses the interesting case of This Is How You Die – a tumblr collecting deaths as imagined by those destined to die them. Confused? Don’t be. It’s all in a good cause – a crowdsourcing of material for author Chuck Wendig‘s latest novel project Blackbirds.

Enough about death – what about life? Your social life, that is – as analysed and reported by Social Life Audit, via Facebook check-ins and picture tagging. Clever facial recognition software and your Facebook places check-ins combine to make up a fun (if depressing, in our cases!) collection of sentiment analysis and conjecture. Worth a try, if only to see if you’re more social than Dan and Barry – and you better hope you are!

But remember: after doing the Facebook Connect fun – go into Facebook and clean out your apps. Twitter too! As Dan’s rage illustrates the liberties OAuth apps can and may take from your accounts and your reputations if you leave them there without checking on them.

Kat will return next episode with the brains, class and credibilty of the show!

Wanky Words:

Appcessorise – @R4isstatic

Engagification / Intentcasting – @andypiper

Zeitgeist-defining / Eyeballing / Freemium – @MarkBeharrell

Earlyvangelist – Tom Kenyon (on the Off The Wall Post Facebook Page)

The ep22 doodle was won by @Biddlebong (Dan’s sister – honestly, this was without prompting or set up!) on Twitter for outstanding and swift response to our high five call out during the recording Thursday 19 January 2012.

There’ll be another doodle and another chance to win next episode! Don’t forget to share your thoughts and wanky words with us on Twitter – @offthewallpost; or the blog

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