Pinterest, Cowbird and why Twitter is just like Mad Men

pinboard wizard

Image tagging service, Pinterest, has received a lot of tech press since it gained a staggering 10 Million users in 2011 and looks set to continue being huge in social media in 2012. Kat, Dan and Barry sign in and begin to pin, then dig deeper into the practical and commercial uses of Pinterest, and whether anyone should really give a damn. They consider the Skimlinks link-tracking service that allows Pinterest to monetise users’ pins and links; the demographics of Pinterest – how the USA is all about the ladies, but apparently in the UK pinning’s for geeks; and the bizarre tale of German Pinterest clone, Pinspire.

Listen to the podcast now – just press play:

Meanwhile, Barry revives the Twitter Joke Trial as Stephen Fry blasts the judiciary for being out of touch with Twitter. This gives Dan the chance somehow to compare Twitter to Mad Men and Barry presents his greatest list creation yet: top ten tweets to get yourself arrested.

Cowbird logoDan gets highbrow with Cowbird, a storytelling collective that seeks to pull together human stories and narratives in a sort of experiential wikipedia for the human soul.

Wanky Words

Pinterestification – @heatherataylor

Twipping Point / Phablet – @marcsettle

Surface – @fakebitpoly

Going Meta – @_martinfranklin

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Main image: Pinboard Wizard by  andrea joseph’s illustrations on Flickr

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