Top tips to successfully tweet for a TV Show or The Dolphin Pub (ft David Levin, Twitter writer)

The Dolphin Pub Twitter avatar

@the_dolphin_pub 'Imagine the best fucking pub ever. Then times it by a billion.'

How DO you tweet for a brand or a TV Show or a dolphin? It’s all the rage for brands and TV shows to have Twitter feeds, but how many of them actually have Twitter personalities you’d want to follow? The ones that David Levin writes do! With a host of massively successful Twitter accounts to his name, including legendary Hackney character The Dolphin Pub, Dave talks to Off The Wall Post to share his Twitter technique, tone of voice and his top tips for building an engaged and loyal community on Twitter. AND whether your Facebook and Twitter voice should be the same.

Listen to the podcast now – just press play:

Twitter feeds mentioned / recommended by Dave Levin: Betfairpoker; Not Big Sam; Boots Meal Deal; Chino Wanker and of course, The Dolphin Pub’s true love Caitlin Moran.

Also this week: Kat talks about Cat Map and digs into hot new privacy-busting location-based app Highlight; Barry wonders why he should care about which internet browser he uses; while Dan wonders what’s become of an industry that brought so much innovation to digital media, but has since gone quiet… Are mock pinterest sites like Sinterest and Kickstarter clones for adult content all that it can do to stay relevant online? (no, we’re not going to link to NSFW sites!).

Oh and the Tumblr meme that had us helpless with laughter: Breaded Cats!

Breaded Cats - cat breading

Breaded Cats - Our Kitty Banjo

Wanky Words

Sunset (as in to close a website) – David Thair

Amazeballs – Matt Lent

Advergaming – Christopher Wilson

Enjoyneering – David Varela

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6 Responses to Top tips to successfully tweet for a TV Show or The Dolphin Pub (ft David Levin, Twitter writer)

  1. I am back from giggling in the corner of Starbucks with my Chocolate Milk, and since I given up the Facebook for Lent, I’ll have to comment here:

    I was really fascinated by your discussion of creating an online “character” for brands. I’ve recently applied to several “social media” positions for various organization in the DC area and have my own blog/website so it was interesting to hear from people who are a lot more in the know than I am!

    I always try to remember to turn off my location services on my mobile apps, because I don’t like people knowing who I am. In a similar line of thought, I’ve heard that unscrupulous people are using all the information you post on FB (the answers to typical security questions like maiden name, mother’s name, birthday, location of birth etc) to access your passwords to such things as bank accounts. I think we are far too liberal with the specific information we give away online; we are always telling kids not to give out their home addresses and phone-numbers to those online, but adults are unknowingly doing something far worse!

    Web browser debate: I use Chrome, because all of my video plugins are installed (for Hulu, Netflix etc.); back in the day I used IE, I’ve tried Firefox (but I just didn’t like it) and have Safari on my Mac but it doesn’t like Netflix for some reason… so I don’t really have a browser of preference, I just like one that will allow me to view the content I want to stream!

    Wanky Words: Amazeballs would be my second choice after Sunset (which sounds just depressing and morbid). Sadly I know several people who use Amazeballs on a regular basis on twitter and in real life, it is an epic-fail on their part!

    That poor Cat, it looks as embarrassed as my Dog did when my sister and I put him in a bra as teenagers! RIP Montana, I really am sorry! xxx

    • Chrome user – HIGH FIVE!

      Thanks for your comment, Erin. Glad you liked it. Dave was excellent to talk to about Twitter and more. A real craftsman at the 140 character easel. Great insights – hope they prove useful 🙂

      And, yes – that poor cat. The site’s full of such woe-begotten moggies. But it’s shamefully hilarious! Cat-breading – a truly crazy internet meme!

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  3. ewebber says:

    I’ve been a big fan of @the_dolphin_pub since David started the account, so it’s great to hear more about how it came about. And thanks for the mention 🙂
    Emily a.k.a @fuckyeahhackney a.k.a yeah! Hackney

  4. Hi Emily – thanks for the comment! We’re hoping to do a (wanky word alert) hyper-local podcast sometime soon. Would you be interested in sharing your take on online communities for real world communities when that day comes?

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