The future for games development in the UK, Nostalgia from Memolane and Barry through the Google Glass (ft. Dr Jo Twist, CEO of UKIE)

Atari 2600 JoystickJo Twist is a digital media legend: having commissioned multiplatform and online games for the BBC and Channel Four Education and now stands as one of the leading advocates for the UK Games industry as CEO of UKIE (United Kingdom Interactive Entertainment Association). She joins Off The Wall Post to discuss the future for the UK Games industry, how to get kids coding, keep start-ups funded and how the image and nature of games and gamers is changing.

Listen to the podcast now – just press play:

Barry steps through the Google Glass to examine Google’s latest stab at bringing the future into our present with computerised spectacles.

Kat gets nostalgic with Memolane’s emailed memories and logs onto Oh Life another tool to help your journal-keeping ambitions. Dan brings If This Then That to the table – a brilliant API command tool that allows you to link up your data stores and applications across the web (eg send your favourited tweets to Instapaper or Evernote etc.).

Wanky Words

Hacktivist – Christopher Wilson

Digital omnivores – Niki Barton (posted on our Facebook page)

Associated drift – Hugh Gary

Pretotyping – Andy Piper (posted on our Facebook page)

Resolutionary – Andy Piper

Flawsome – Thom Hoffman

To course correct – Vuk Trifkovic

Tweeps – Erin Florence

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