Has Microsoft launched a new social network and will new cookie laws save the web or break it?

On Saturday 26 May 2012 new European Union cookie legislation demands that websites that use cookies (small data files) onto visitors’ browsers will have to declare the use of cookies and seek consent for their use. How will this effect site owners and site users? Is it practical to enforce onto sites and their visitors? What the hell are cookies anyway? Kat tells us when we should fear the cookie and when we should fear the law. Listen to the podcast now – just press play:

Other stories this week include Dan’s initial reactions to So.cl – Microsoft’s new social network that isn’t a social network, but more an enhanced search and curate tool with sharing at its heart… If you know what I mean… No, nor Barry!


Barry looks at what could be seen as Polaroid’s last roll of the dice – Polamatic – an iPhone app that kinda does what Instagram or Hipstamatic do, then let’s you share the images to Instagram! If only they could be more like Lomo

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