A picture can post a thousand tweets ft. Chris Floyd, Photographer, 140 Characters

Chris Floyd, Photographer, at Big Green Book Shop 140 Characters event

Chris Floyd, Photographer, at Big Green Book Shop

Photographer Chris Floyd decided to turn his relationships on Twitter into a photography exhibition (and then a book) called 140 Characters. He rounded up a group of tweeters – some famous, some not – and shot their portraits and recorded them talking about Twitter.  Dan went to meet Chris at a book signing event in The Big Green Bookshop and talked to Chris about the book, the project and his exploration of Twitter and its users.

Listen to the podcast now – just press play:

The podcast is interspersed with soundbites from Chris’ 140 Characters slideshow and we thank not only Chris, but his subjects for their contribution to this episode of Off The Wall Post.

Chris on Twitter – @chrisfloyduk

Big Green Bookshop on Twitter – @biggreenbooks

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NB: Off The Wall Post will be back with a full episode with the full gang and special guest Phil Gyford next week.

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