Samuel Pepys, Swedish Tweets and the craziest photo app yet (ft. Phil Gyford, Samuel Pepys Diary blog)

Samuel Pepys Diary Phil Gyford

Samuel Pepys

After nine years and five months, Phil Gyford finally uploaded the last entry of Samuel Pepys Diary to his epic blogging project A side project for this brilliant web developer, we talk to Phil about his labour of love: the process, the audience it built, its move to Twitter and how it feels when something this long-term comes to an end.

Listen to the podcast now – just press play:

Phil also shares the details of his current project Matter – a Kickstarter success story, long-form articles site from Guardian Tech and GigaOm writer, Bobby Johnson. AS well as discussing other projects that play with form and expectation around online: Today’s Paper and the hilarious Pretend Office (chockful of wanky words, insane roadmaps and daft organisational charts).

Other items include: the discovery of InstaCRT – crazy iOS photo filter app that eschews in-app effects for pinging your photos to a REAL old fashioned TV, taking a picture of that image on the TV and then pinging it back to you! Instagram hipsters – meet the REAL analog filter.

Off The Wall post with Phil Gyford through the InstaCRT photo app

Off The Wall post with Phil Gyford through the InstaCRT photo app

Lenddo is social banking that allows users to borrow money based on their social network vouching for them.  And we consider the unfortunate, but arguably inevitable, bump in the road for Sweden’s citizen-led @sweden Twitter account.

Wanky Words

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