Google experiments, History Pins and what Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters network tells us about fans

Kat by the Google Sketchbots

Kat submits to the Google Sketchbots

Off The Wall Post delves into some supercool web apps – Google’s Chrome browser web experiments that teleport you to bakeries and miniature parks across the globe; let you bang drums in London’s Science Museum; and, coolest of all, sends your portrait to an army of robots endlessly drawing and erasing faces in the sand.

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Dan by the Google Sketchbots

Dan submits to the Google Sketchbots

We also look at lovely mapping archive project History Pin and we deconstruct fandom via Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters – her own social network, which echoes some of Kat’s experiences as a fan of a pop megastar. We dig into why, with 52M fans of Facebook and 30M+ followers on Twitter, a popstar would want or need to invest in the infrastructure of her own social network.

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4 Responses to Google experiments, History Pins and what Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters network tells us about fans

  1. MancVamp says:

    Great chat. Thanks.

    The GaGa site – yes, I guess so – but twitter was all about (Sorry Barry – brace yourself) ‘inclusivity’ – there are no ‘private clubs’ – but I guess that ‘Come And Be In My Gang’ mentality will always be around. It’s basically a private club, right?
    Dan – I guess the reason why she set it up is that no-one CAN ever check out. So if she loses popularity – no-one will ever know. Cute.
    Kat – But if we go back and visit some of those forums, chat rooms and internet sites – how many of them are still going? So, place your bets – how long will GaGa’s private club last?

    Tag line? Dan, you said it – “Winging it for now”

    Thanks again for another great podcast,


    • ‘Winging it for now’ – it’s funny ‘cos it’s true 🙂

      Thanks for your comments, Manc. The lock-in effect means user numbers sustained even after death, like a Damien Hurst cow in formaldehyde – ‘Gaga and Little Monsters separated’…? You might be right!


  2. Your download link points to ep. 32… I’ve spent ~30 minutes downloading, redownloading, resubscribing, clearing caches, etc on my podcast app before figuring out why I was getting the last episode. Oops.

  3. Gah! Sorry! Good point – thanks for highlighting that for us. Hyperlink FAIL. All fixed now.

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