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Google experiments, History Pins and what Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters network tells us about fans

Off The Wall Post delves into some supercool web apps – Google’s Chrome browser web experiments that teleport you to bakeries and miniature parks across the globe; let you bang drums in London’s Science Museum; and, coolest of all, sends your portrait … Continue reading

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Top tips to successfully tweet for a TV Show or The Dolphin Pub (ft David Levin, Twitter writer)

How DO you tweet for a brand or a TV Show or a dolphin? It’s all the rage for brands and TV shows to have Twitter feeds, but how many of them actually have Twitter personalities you’d want to follow? … Continue reading

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QR, missus! or QR Codes, Digital Advertising and Frictionless Sharing (ft. Roo Reynolds, Wieden + Kennedy LDN)

This week Off The Wall Post is joined by the brilliant Roo Reynolds – Head of Emerging Platforms at Wieden + Kennedy London, responsible for social media ad campaign greatness such as Cravendale’s Cats With Thumbs evil feline genius Bertrum Thumb Cat and … Continue reading

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There goes the Wikihood (plus Matt Locke on TV genres and social media)

Matt Locke and the social media future for TV genres going ‘live’, Blink 182 crowdscraping, Wikihood, Photovine, datatainment and beyond. Barry Pilling returns to find not only did we treat last week’s guest, Storythings‘ Matt Locke, to Pringles and biscuits, … Continue reading

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Episode 4 – A golden age of novelty without commitment

Kat, Dan and Barry discuss Google +1, the search giant’s latest attempt to add a social edge to their game; will it work, or is it another ill-thought folly doomed to failure? Dan brings some hard numbers to bear on … Continue reading

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Episode 2 – Geolocation and social networks: time to check out?

Geolocation-based social networks like Foursquare, Gowalla and Facebook Places are constantly referenced as the next big thing for social media, but how social or useful are they really? Dan’s close checking into the corner to lose his Foursquare religion, while … Continue reading

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