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Samuel Pepys, Swedish Tweets and the craziest photo app yet (ft. Phil Gyford, Samuel Pepys Diary blog)

After nine years and five months, Phil Gyford finally uploaded the last entry of Samuel Pepys Diary to his epic blogging project A side project for this brilliant web developer, we talk to Phil about his labour of love: the process, the … Continue reading

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Has Microsoft launched a new social network and will new cookie laws save the web or break it?

On Saturday 26 May 2012 new European Union cookie legislation demands that websites that use cookies (small data files) onto visitors’ browsers will have to declare the use of cookies and seek consent for their use. How will this effect site … Continue reading

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Web comics, QRs holes and why Google knows what you want (ft. Timothy Winchester, creator of People I Know)

Off The Wall Post are huge fans of creators and people who make the internet a better place. Timothy Winchester is one of those people. People I know is a wonderful, quirky web comic that’s been bringing joy to readers … Continue reading

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The Television is the Second Screen (ft. Mark Sorrell, Head of Games, Screenpop)

The latest news that Sky has bought into Zeebox is further evidence that television and digital media have been obsessing over two screen (#2screen) synergies for ages now. The Sky Zeebox social TV app buy-in, is all part of TV’s … Continue reading

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Looking into Zeebox and finding frictionless kittens

Dual Screen iPad and web app Zeebox is fresh off the production line and causing a split-attention stir among TV producers, multiplatformers (not to mention Wanky Words – augmentainment anyone?). Dan’s got himself an iPad and has been watching along … Continue reading

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QR, missus! or QR Codes, Digital Advertising and Frictionless Sharing (ft. Roo Reynolds, Wieden + Kennedy LDN)

This week Off The Wall Post is joined by the brilliant Roo Reynolds – Head of Emerging Platforms at Wieden + Kennedy London, responsible for social media ad campaign greatness such as Cravendale’s Cats With Thumbs evil feline genius Bertrum Thumb Cat and … Continue reading

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There goes the Wikihood (plus Matt Locke on TV genres and social media)

Matt Locke and the social media future for TV genres going ‘live’, Blink 182 crowdscraping, Wikihood, Photovine, datatainment and beyond. Barry Pilling returns to find not only did we treat last week’s guest, Storythings‘ Matt Locke, to Pringles and biscuits, … Continue reading

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