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Online Piracy and Defending The Novel in the Digital Age (ft. Lloyd Shepherd, author of The English Monster)

When novelist and author Lloyd Shepherd published his first novel The English Monster through Simon and Schuster he soon discovered his historical tale of piracy and detection had made its way onto internet file-sharing site Mobilism. Perhaps an inevitability of the modern age, Lloyd’s next … Continue reading

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Looking into Zeebox and finding frictionless kittens

Dual Screen iPad and web app Zeebox is fresh off the production line and causing a split-attention stir among TV producers, multiplatformers (not to mention Wanky Words – augmentainment anyone?). Dan’s got himself an iPad and has been watching along … Continue reading

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Raptured Captured: the making of a web series (ft. Heather Taylor, writer-director Raptured TV)

Raptured is a fantastic, six-part, online drama that started airing on YouTube, Blip.TV, Vimeo and beyond from 21 October 2011. Writer and Director Heather Taylor joins Off The Wall Post to explain the series that upgrades the humans that got … Continue reading

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There goes the Wikihood (plus Matt Locke on TV genres and social media)

Matt Locke and the social media future for TV genres going ‘live’, Blink 182 crowdscraping, Wikihood, Photovine, datatainment and beyond. Barry Pilling returns to find not only did we treat last week’s guest, Storythings‘ Matt Locke, to Pringles and biscuits, … Continue reading

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Telling stories and listening to 2-screen audiences (ft. Matt Locke – Storythings)

Episode 12: Off The Wall Post are joined by multiplatform storytelling master, Matt Locke – head of Storythings and driving force behind one of digital media’s favourite conferences The Story. Just press play: Download the MP3 version here (right click, save target … Continue reading

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Hell is other circles

Off The Wall Post hits double figures and kicks off remedying some of the skewiff guesses we made about Google+ in the last episode. We’ve been in it (to win it) for a couple of weeks now; Kat, Barry and Dan … Continue reading

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Episode 8 – Transmedia F**k Yeah! (ft Dave Green of BAFTA)

While the Kat’s away the transmedia mice have a play, as Barry and Dan are joined in the pod by Dave Green of Bafta (and the awesome podcast Shift Run Stop). Dave organises games and transmedia events for Bafta (@BAFTAgames) … Continue reading

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