The future for games development in the UK, Nostalgia from Memolane and Barry through the Google Glass (ft. Dr Jo Twist, CEO of UKIE)

Atari 2600 JoystickJo Twist is a digital media legend: having commissioned multiplatform and online games for the BBC and Channel Four Education and now stands as one of the leading advocates for the UK Games industry as CEO of UKIE (United Kingdom Interactive Entertainment Association). She joins Off The Wall Post to discuss the future for the UK Games industry, how to get kids coding, keep start-ups funded and how the image and nature of games and gamers is changing.

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Barry steps through the Google Glass to examine Google’s latest stab at bringing the future into our present with computerised spectacles.

Kat gets nostalgic with Memolane’s emailed memories and logs onto Oh Life another tool to help your journal-keeping ambitions. Dan brings If This Then That to the table – a brilliant API command tool that allows you to link up your data stores and applications across the web (eg send your favourited tweets to Instapaper or Evernote etc.).

Wanky Words

Hacktivist – Christopher Wilson

Digital omnivores – Niki Barton (posted on our Facebook page)

Associated drift – Hugh Gary

Pretotyping – Andy Piper (posted on our Facebook page)

Resolutionary – Andy Piper

Flawsome – Thom Hoffman

To course correct – Vuk Trifkovic

Tweeps – Erin Florence

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Top tips to successfully tweet for a TV Show or The Dolphin Pub (ft David Levin, Twitter writer)

The Dolphin Pub Twitter avatar

@the_dolphin_pub 'Imagine the best fucking pub ever. Then times it by a billion.'

How DO you tweet for a brand or a TV Show or a dolphin? It’s all the rage for brands and TV shows to have Twitter feeds, but how many of them actually have Twitter personalities you’d want to follow? The ones that David Levin writes do! With a host of massively successful Twitter accounts to his name, including legendary Hackney character The Dolphin Pub, Dave talks to Off The Wall Post to share his Twitter technique, tone of voice and his top tips for building an engaged and loyal community on Twitter. AND whether your Facebook and Twitter voice should be the same.

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Twitter feeds mentioned / recommended by Dave Levin: Betfairpoker; Not Big Sam; Boots Meal Deal; Chino Wanker and of course, The Dolphin Pub’s true love Caitlin Moran.

Also this week: Kat talks about Cat Map and digs into hot new privacy-busting location-based app Highlight; Barry wonders why he should care about which internet browser he uses; while Dan wonders what’s become of an industry that brought so much innovation to digital media, but has since gone quiet… Are mock pinterest sites like Sinterest and Kickstarter clones for adult content all that it can do to stay relevant online? (no, we’re not going to link to NSFW sites!).

Oh and the Tumblr meme that had us helpless with laughter: Breaded Cats!

Breaded Cats - cat breading

Breaded Cats - Our Kitty Banjo

Wanky Words

Sunset (as in to close a website) – David Thair

Amazeballs – Matt Lent

Advergaming – Christopher Wilson

Enjoyneering – David Varela

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Pinterest, Cowbird and why Twitter is just like Mad Men

pinboard wizard

Image tagging service, Pinterest, has received a lot of tech press since it gained a staggering 10 Million users in 2011 and looks set to continue being huge in social media in 2012. Kat, Dan and Barry sign in and begin to pin, then dig deeper into the practical and commercial uses of Pinterest, and whether anyone should really give a damn. They consider the Skimlinks link-tracking service that allows Pinterest to monetise users’ pins and links; the demographics of Pinterest – how the USA is all about the ladies, but apparently in the UK pinning’s for geeks; and the bizarre tale of German Pinterest clone, Pinspire.

Listen to the podcast now – just press play:

Meanwhile, Barry revives the Twitter Joke Trial as Stephen Fry blasts the judiciary for being out of touch with Twitter. This gives Dan the chance somehow to compare Twitter to Mad Men and Barry presents his greatest list creation yet: top ten tweets to get yourself arrested.

Cowbird logoDan gets highbrow with Cowbird, a storytelling collective that seeks to pull together human stories and narratives in a sort of experiential wikipedia for the human soul.

Wanky Words

Pinterestification – @heatherataylor

Twipping Point / Phablet – @marcsettle

Surface – @fakebitpoly

Going Meta – @_martinfranklin

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Main image: Pinboard Wizard by  andrea joseph’s illustrations on Flickr

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Web comics, QRs holes and why Google knows what you want (ft. Timothy Winchester, creator of People I Know)

Off the Wall Post Poster by Timothy Winchester (People I Know)

Off the Wall Post Poster by Timothy Winchester (People I Know)

Off The Wall Post are huge fans of creators and people who make the internet a better place. Timothy Winchester is one of those people. People I know is a wonderful, quirky web comic that’s been bringing joy to readers for years. Timothy joins Dan, Barry and Kat to talk about his hobby-turned-bedroom industry that moves between the internet and hard copy sales across the world. AND present us with his awesome depiction of the Off The Wall Post team!

A glorious and glossy print copy of the Timothy Winchester Off The Wall Poster you see above is this week’s OTWP prize. So keep your eyes peeled for updates of how to win on our Twitter and Facebook Page.

Listen to the podcast now – just press play:

Thankfully, Kat returns to the podcast this week, and so inevitably does talk of Google – this time Google’s browser history-inferred information it uses to feed you its targeted ads. We look into Google’s Ads Preferences Manager and reveal Kat’s true age!

Barry discovers a QR code application that DOESN’T suck – although that depends on whether you advocate innovative Turkish football fans abusing opposing teams at a match… While other QRs-holes are discovered in the shape of Bromley footballers (not Barnet – though that would have made more sense) shaving QR codes into their heads. And the curious / ridiculous tale of’s QR code being misused across the world by advertisers – leading to huge traffic spikes to his site!

Dan gets Shazam happy about the increased use of the audio recognition and tagging app in TV advertising.

Wanky Words:

Permalancing – @huey (via @janefriedman)

Ultimedia – @thomhoffman

etailer – @jordit

To make a viral – Timothy Winchester

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Social Lives, Social Deaths and the Stats of Social Gaming

Cyberknight ep22 doodle

Cyberknight - ep22 doodle won by @biddlebong

There’s a phenomenal amount of time (and money) spent on Social Gaming (Farmville, Cityville, Words With Friends etc.) and Off The Wall Post digs into the stats provided by Who Are Social Gamers to discover that only two things in this life are certain: death and Barry’s insatiable desire to create a quiz out of an infographic.

Just press play:

Download the MP3 version here (right click, save target as). You can also listen / subscribe to the Off The Wall Post via iTunes.

Talking of death – Dan discusses the interesting case of This Is How You Die – a tumblr collecting deaths as imagined by those destined to die them. Confused? Don’t be. It’s all in a good cause – a crowdsourcing of material for author Chuck Wendig‘s latest novel project Blackbirds.

Enough about death – what about life? Your social life, that is – as analysed and reported by Social Life Audit, via Facebook check-ins and picture tagging. Clever facial recognition software and your Facebook places check-ins combine to make up a fun (if depressing, in our cases!) collection of sentiment analysis and conjecture. Worth a try, if only to see if you’re more social than Dan and Barry – and you better hope you are!

But remember: after doing the Facebook Connect fun – go into Facebook and clean out your apps. Twitter too! As Dan’s rage illustrates the liberties OAuth apps can and may take from your accounts and your reputations if you leave them there without checking on them.

Kat will return next episode with the brains, class and credibilty of the show!

Wanky Words:

Appcessorise – @R4isstatic

Engagification / Intentcasting – @andypiper

Zeitgeist-defining / Eyeballing / Freemium – @MarkBeharrell

Earlyvangelist – Tom Kenyon (on the Off The Wall Post Facebook Page)

The ep22 doodle was won by @Biddlebong (Dan’s sister – honestly, this was without prompting or set up!) on Twitter for outstanding and swift response to our high five call out during the recording Thursday 19 January 2012.

There’ll be another doodle and another chance to win next episode! Don’t forget to share your thoughts and wanky words with us on Twitter – @offthewallpost; or the blog

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The Television is the Second Screen (ft. Mark Sorrell, Head of Games, Screenpop)



The latest news that Sky has bought into Zeebox is further evidence that television and digital media have been obsessing over two screen (#2screen) synergies for ages now. The Sky Zeebox social TV app buy-in, is all part of TV’s developing strategies to meet audience attention and behaviour in a world where they have laptops, mobiles and tablets open on their laps offering alternative, social media treats to detract (or complement) the traditional content of the first screen Television. But Screenpop’s Head of Games and blogger, Mark Sorrell, has a different take on this – that the Television is the second screen in this relationship and that the primary focus of audiences is on those other screens – they just happen to have the Telly on at the same time. We discuss the hope and hype of social TV and the emerging ‘augmentainment‘ platforms like Zeebox and its API opportunities.

Just press play:

Download the MP3 version here (right click, save target as). You can also listen / subscribe to the Off The Wall Post via iTunes.

Other things discussed this episode are Louis CK’s live recording download experiment (and success); the number of iPads and tablets activated over Christmas 2011; and the rights and wrongs of Google’s decision to remove MG Siegler’s ‘offensive’ profile picture from Google+.

PLUS – our first ever Dan Biddle Off The Wall Post doodle give-away

Wanky Words (both provided by Mark Sorrell):


Clarion the hero message

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Off The Wall Post Christmas Special – Drinking to the past, present and future of digital media in the real world

Generations: TraditionalistsYour favourite social media podcast gets into the Christmas spirit and reviews the year online. Fuelled largely by Pringles, Celebrations, jellybeans and beer, Kat, Barry and Dan slap a Dickensian motif onto the podcast and look into the past, present and future of digital and social media. Photovine, Flickr, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, StumbleUpon, Facebook mobile phones, Gowalla, 3D TV, Siri, Twitter… Which are the ghosts of the past, present and future? Listen in to find out.

Just press play:

Download the MP3 version here (right click, save target as). You can also listen / subscribe to the Off The Wall Post via iTunes.

Wanky Words:

Kidfluencing – @ZoeEBreen

Curautomation –@Huey and @srhas quoting @benjilanyado

Brain Rain – Tom Kile Hartshorn (from OTWP Facebook page)

Engagerprising – Andy Piper (from OTWP Facebook page)

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