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Google experiments, History Pins and what Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters network tells us about fans

Off The Wall Post delves into some supercool web apps – Google’s Chrome browser web experiments that teleport you to bakeries and miniature parks across the globe; let you bang drums in London’s Science Museum; and, coolest of all, sends your portrait … Continue reading

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Web comics, QRs holes and why Google knows what you want (ft. Timothy Winchester, creator of People I Know)

Off The Wall Post are huge fans of creators and people who make the internet a better place. Timothy Winchester is one of those people. People I know is a wonderful, quirky web comic that’s been bringing joy to readers … Continue reading

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The Television is the Second Screen (ft. Mark Sorrell, Head of Games, Screenpop)

The latest news that Sky has bought into Zeebox is further evidence that television and digital media have been obsessing over two screen (#2screen) synergies for ages now. The Sky Zeebox social TV app buy-in, is all part of TV’s … Continue reading

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Raptured Captured: the making of a web series (ft. Heather Taylor, writer-director Raptured TV)

Raptured is a fantastic, six-part, online drama that started airing on YouTube, Blip.TV, Vimeo and beyond from 21 October 2011. Writer and Director Heather Taylor joins Off The Wall Post to explain the series that upgrades the humans that got … Continue reading

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Concerning Commuting, The Art of War and the genius of Humblebrag (ft. Brendan Nelson, Digital Strategist and blogger)

How do you get a seat on a crowded commuter train? How do you get your blog posts to go viral? Turns out the two questions have the same answer…! Digital Strategist and blogger Brendan Nelson joins Off The Wall Post to … Continue reading

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Episode 2 – Geolocation and social networks: time to check out?

Geolocation-based social networks like Foursquare, Gowalla and Facebook Places are constantly referenced as the next big thing for social media, but how social or useful are they really? Dan’s close checking into the corner to lose his Foursquare religion, while … Continue reading

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