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Google experiments, History Pins and what Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters network tells us about fans

Off The Wall Post delves into some supercool web apps – Google’s Chrome browser web experiments that teleport you to bakeries and miniature parks across the globe; let you bang drums in London’s Science Museum; and, coolest of all, sends your portrait … Continue reading

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Serendipity, Sex and Privacy with Aleks Krotoski

Off The Wall Post are joined by journalist, academic, presenter of Radio 4’s Digital Human and host of Guardian Tech Weekly podcast, Aleks Krotoski to discuss the topics of her forthcoming book: Untangling The Web. Listen to the podcast now – just … Continue reading

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Has Microsoft launched a new social network and will new cookie laws save the web or break it?

On Saturday 26 May 2012 new European Union cookie legislation demands that websites that use cookies (small data files) onto visitors’ browsers will have to declare the use of cookies and seek consent for their use. How will this effect site … Continue reading

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How to build online audiences into big TV Entertainment brands (ft. Tom Dolan, Head of Entertainment ITV.com)

When it comes to big shows with big audiences, ITV has got some game: The X Factor, The Only Way Is Essex, Britain’s Got Talent, Red or Black; and they all shoot for the sweet spot between TV and the … Continue reading

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Online Piracy and Defending The Novel in the Digital Age (ft. Lloyd Shepherd, author of The English Monster)

When novelist and author Lloyd Shepherd published his first novel The English Monster through Simon and Schuster he soon discovered his historical tale of piracy and detection had made its way onto internet file-sharing site Mobilism. Perhaps an inevitability of the modern age, Lloyd’s next … Continue reading

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Top tips to successfully tweet for a TV Show or The Dolphin Pub (ft David Levin, Twitter writer)

How DO you tweet for a brand or a TV Show or a dolphin? It’s all the rage for brands and TV shows to have Twitter feeds, but how many of them actually have Twitter personalities you’d want to follow? … Continue reading

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Pinterest, Cowbird and why Twitter is just like Mad Men

Image tagging service, Pinterest, has received a lot of tech press since it gained a staggering 10 Million users in 2011 and looks set to continue being huge in social media in 2012. Kat, Dan and Barry sign in and … Continue reading

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