Wanky Words

We work in interactive, multiplatform, social media, digital, transmedia, noo meeja – whatever you want to call it. It’s kinda new, and exciting. New trends and themes emerge every day.

THEY DO NOT NEED NAMES, HOWEVER. We have the English language for that.

Every episode we try and track down the very worst offenders – those terrible words and phrases we hear and use in offices up and down the land, and grind our teeth and bite our hand to stop us killing again. You know the sort of thing we mean. Ever been told you need to think out of the box? Ever insisted on “going forward”? Those neologisms that are more jism than neo.

Here’s the ones we’ve named and shamed so far (with a big thanks to those listeners who had the guts to admit to them):

Wanky Words

Episode 33 – Google experiments and what Lady Gaga’s little monsters network tells us about fans

Episode 32 – Samuel Pepys, Swedish Tweets and the craziest photo app yet (ft. Phil Gyford, Samuel Pepys Diary blog)

Episode 31 – A picture can post a thousand tweets ft. Chris Floyd, Photographer, 140 Characters

  • A minisode – no wanky words (except MINISODE, for the love of…!!!)

Episode 30 – Serendipity, Sex and Privacy with Aleks Krotoski

Episode 29 – Has Microsoft launched a new social network and will new cookie laws save the web or break it?

Episode 28 – How to build online audiences into big TV Entertainment brands

  • Decisioning and Solutionising – Tom Kenyon
  • Sofalising and Chatterboxing – from Dan
  • Twintro – from Barry
  • Graycation – Shea Warnes

Episode 27 – Online Piracy and Defending The Novel in the Digital Age

Episode 26 – The Future of UK Games

Episode 25 – Top tips to successfully tweet for a TV Show or The Dolphin Pub

Episode 24 – Pinterest, Cowbird and why Twitter is just like Mad Men

Episode 23 – Web comics, QRs holes and why Google knows what you want

Episode 22 – Social Lives, Social Deaths and the Stats of Social Gaming

  • Appcessorise – @R4isstatic
  • Engagification / Intentcasting – @andypiper
  • Zeitgeist-defining / Eyeballing / Freemium – @MarkBeharrell
  • Earlyvangelist – Tom Kenyon (on the Off The Wall Post Facebook Page)

Episode 21 – The Television is the Second Screen

Episode 20 – Christmas Special

Episode 19 – Looking into Zeebox and finding frictionless kittens

Episode 18 – Raptured Captured: the making of a web series

Episode 17 – Concerning Commuting, The Art of War and the Genius of Humblebrag

Episode 16 – Mashup breakdowns, mind-blowing Facebook stats and forgetting how to remember

Episode 15 – QR, missus! (ft Roo Reynolds)

  • Internaut – Roo Reynolds
  • Fragvergence
  • Thinkiatry
  • Verbification – Hugh Garry
  • Maximum Traction – Barry (for SHAME!)

Episode 14 – Facebook Ads, Google+ Hangouts and a Takeaway Revolution

Episode 13 – There Goes the Wikihood (ft Matt Locke)

Episode 12 – Telling stories (ft Matt Locke)

Episode 11 – Upsettiquette and social media angst

No wanky words this week!

Episode 10 – Hell is Other People

  • Sunsetting / Sunsat – used in the podcast by Dan himself – for shame!
  • ‘Web Therapist’ from Andrew Barron (on our Facebook Page)
  • Platformize from @shrinkwrapped
  • Dual-screening from Kat

Episode 9 – Kat Mins Google Plus Equals Animals Being Dicks

Episode 8 – Transmedia F**K Yeah!

Episode 7 – Strictly Come Timedancing

  • Gamefication
  • In the Wild

Episode 6 – Binaural curious..?

Episode 5 – A trip down Memolane

Episode 4 – A golden age of novelty without commitment

  • Insightgeist – from @DrJackLomax
  • Ideation – from @ravonski
  • ‘You should be looking to leverage your media offering’ – from @wesayso
  • ‘I’ll listen in if you’re properly leveraging your operation synergies to deliver a multi-platform user-engagement ecosystem…’ – from @andyhawkes

Episode 3 – Living in “Color”

Episode 2 – Geolocation and social networks: time to check out?

  • Punching above your weight
  • Front-end evaluate
  • Participatory end-user validation

Episode 1 – Charity begins at phone

Kat said the word “scrobble”. Dan said it was wanky. Dan was wrong (Kat writes this bit).


6 Responses to Wanky Words

  1. lyndacuba says:

    Very funny. Now do I a) work towards creating some wanky words in my own blog so I’m included or b) do I strive for purity?

  2. We won’t lie to you – it’s a moral tightrope we’ve set up here… 🙂 But you can always name and shame the wanky words you’ve heard used by others and stay righteous, indignant and pure.

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